Welcome to the Sycamore Springs Blog. We hope you find it informative and useful. People have repeatedly commented that they find our storytelling extremely beneficial because the stories provide authentic insight into life at Garden Spot Communities. Admittedly, we use storytelling almost exclusively in our writing, our videos, our upcoming podcast series, Retire with Purpose, and the Garden Spot Village website even features a Storybook.

Sycamore Springs is the newest expansion of neighborhoods at Garden Spot Village and we’ve been telling the story of Sycamore Springs. In a nutshell the story goes: we researched best practices from all across the United States including Europe for almost 15 years. We studied, we traveled, we talked to architects and builders and we focused on latest housing trends not “senior living.”

The result? Sycamore Springs is a growing neighborhood! Twelve to fifteen individual detached houses surround a common green. It features front porch living because the front porches face the common green and create the small town atmosphere that has been lost in much of America. Each “Commons” as we call them, has a “Common Building” for the use of the people that live there. After completion of the first twenty-seven homes Sycamore Springs won several national awards for its originality, uniqueness and innovative approach. Consequently, we are building fifty more and they are being reserved at a rate that has surprised even us! It’s a great story.

Your voice is extremely important to us. The “senior living” industry has its issues because many communities build what they think will work, not a place where you want to live. We do our best to listen to you, to create an environment where you’ll go, “wow – this is precisely what I’ve been looking for!”

To that end this blog series is a result of what you’ve asked for. It seems you’d like more than just story. You’d like our perspective on how to make a decision about when to start thinking about retirement, what’s involved, what to look for and some parameters around decision making. That’s what this blog series is all about.

There are some good things going on here so the ideas and suggestions will come from the Garden Spot perspective. We will use ourselves as an example, not because it’s self-serving, but because we believe it works and that’s what you’re looking for: what works, not something a bunch of marketers made up to capture your interest.

In addition to the blog we’re introducing an “Ask Scott” forum. You may have seen me on the videos, etc. My background includes twenty plus years in the technology industry, worldwide sales manager, Dale Carnegie instructor, Methodist pastor, marathoner, SCUBA diver and a few other things. I joined the “senior industry” by coming to work at Garden Spot about 15 years ago. I’m 62 and I’m convinced our life after 50 is by far the best part of life. For those who are interested I was asked to make myself available for questions about retirement living and making the most of your post career years. It will be interesting to see if anyone has questions?

What’s on your mind? Feel free to send me an e-mail at [email protected].