Your Opportunity

Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic with residents and staff

You could be one of 27 couples or individuals who have the opportunity to live at Sycamore Springs, a unique 55 and over community. In the tradition of small towns, Sycamore Springs features new micro-communities within the greater community of Garden Spot Village. One community – multiple neighborhoods.

Creating opportunities; that is, enabling circumstances that make it possible to do something, especially something that is new or meaningful for you. Doing things that give you a sense of meaning and purpose is a fundamental characteristic of the Garden Spot Experience and, as a result, an inherent characteristic of Sycamore Springs.

There have been nearly 550,000 – that’s over a half million – volunteer hours recorded since the doors first opened. That doesn’t include all the volunteerism that goes unrecorded. While numbers are not the point, they do tell a story. Currently, volunteerism exceeds 50,000 hours a year, so you can be confident that there’s a lot going on. Whether it’s people putting their scientific skills to use collecting and analyzing local stream water then reporting it to the county, people traveling to Honduras or the Dominican Republic on mission trips, involvement in the Making a Difference initiative to support local non-profits, mentoring young people or sharing their stories in the local schools, the people in this community make a difference in the lives of others.