Your Community

Live With Community

Community is currently a popular word. Churches talk about it. Businesses talk about it. Non-profits talk about it. The reason for its popularity is because, as a society, we’re beginning to rediscover the importance of relationships to our emotional and physical well being.

Community has been an important characteristic of Garden Spot Communities long before the word became popular. We study it and plan for it. Architecture impacts function and Sycamore Springs was designed with both community and privacy in mind. The individual houses all have spacious front porches where you can gather with friends or catch up with neighbors as they walk by. You can put ceiling fans on your porch to make it even more inviting. Your house faces a large Common Green laced with walking paths, creating an area that is both social and pedestrian friendly. Interiors are open and inviting as you come in the front door, enabling you to extend hospitality to family and friends. As you move through the house, the space takes on a more private feel so you can grab as much “me” time as you need. It’s a wonderful balance between hospitality and privacy.

Every Common Green comes equipped with its own Common Building, a stylish small clubhouse for you, your neighbors and the community to use. You can use it for personal parties, events, and gatherings. You and your neighbors can use it for get-togethers. Each Common Building features a large open space, full kitchen, large screen TV, and movable tables and chairs. Three front doors open onto a sizable patio to create an extremely versatile indoor/outdoor space.

Sycamore Springs is fundamentally designed to be a place where community happens naturally. A place where people talk to each other and even watch out for each other a little bit.