Sycamore Springs is an original and unique neighborhood of Garden Spot Village. Sycamore Springs and Garden Spot Village comprise one community with multiple neighborhoods, much like a small town. The first 27 houses were completed in 2018. The next 50 homes are currently under construction with a rolling move-in schedule that started in June 2020.

The envisioned future of the expansion includes: added amenities, new restaurants, and things, quite frankly, we haven’t thought of yet. One thing you can count on is that, as everything develops, it will be different and crafted in a way that will provide you with the chance to live with purpose and meaning. You can look forward to many opportunities to engage with like-minded people with varying interests. Together, all of us can reach out to the local and global communities in fresh and interesting ways.

Because Sycamore Springs is an expansion of Garden Spot Village, Sycamore Springs residents have access to all the amenities and services of the Garden Spot Village campus and, as the Sycamore Springs campus evolves, the reverse will be true as well. For example, beside the new Sycamore Springs neighborhoods resides a recently constructed ultra-high tech Aeroponic greenhouse that allows people who love to garden to get their hands in the dirt. The produce is prepared and served in The Harvest Table and all the other restaurants on the Garden Spot Village campus. One Community – Multiple Neighborhoods.

To learn more, give us a call at 717.355.6000 or contact us to learn more about the available homes at Sycamore Springs.


A Unique Community


Sycamore Springs has been incubating in the think tanks of Garden Spot Communities for over ten years. A wide variety of housing models from places such as Seattle, Washington; Nevada City, California; and downtown Lancaster City – even as far reaching as Denmark and the United Kingdom – have been researched, explored and evaluated. The best practices have been gathered and molded into something you won’t find anywhere else.

Drawing upon the person-centered model of hospitality characteristic of Garden Spot, the individual houses are purposefully designed to afford ample space for friends, family, neighbors and visitors while providing for private spaces just for you.

Individual houses set close together but crafted for privacy encircle lush green courtyards interlaced with walking paths. Living rooms open onto large front porches flowing into front yard gardens highlighted with picket or stone fences. Each common green features a common building where family or neighbors can gather together in spaces designed for events, cookouts or simply to socialize.